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Susan Shockey


Susan Shockey is a designer who is passionate about creating purposeful consumer experiences through products.






Susan has worked closely with designers that specialize in creating corrugate packaging displays, watches, and glass packaging. With each co-op, she has grown in her understanding of manufacturing practices, working with distributors, creating cohesive brand language, and understanding how and when to ask the right questions.

She values the diversity of thought the creative community design provides. In her last years of education, Susan studied in Europe and then co-oped for a small design consultancy in the heart of Cleveland. These drastically different experiences highlighted the importance of clarity and consistency in any kind of design.

She aims to do design work for a company that has windows as well as a transparent office environment. Her favorite designs conceived in the classroom are her chaise-style chair and window planter. When she's not in school or working, she coffee bar hops like a pro and has a passion for eating fresh cookies, and being in nature.