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Terah Coleman


Terah Coleman is a designer intent on creating usable products and experiences founded in user research that delight and add value to everyday life.



Consumer Electronics
Design Research



Terah Coleman has always approached life with enthusiastic curiosity. She always wants to know more, which has led her to cultivate a wide variety of interests. What she can't experience through literature or film is an open invitation for real-world adventures. She loves exploring new places, experiences, and topics, and was attracted to the study of industrial design by the variety of possibilities.

While at DAAP, Terah has worked as a designer on multi-disciplinary teams at a variety of innovative companies and consultancies, including Owens-Illinois, Nestlé Purina, IA Collaborative, Yellow Window and Smart Design. On these experiences, she discovered she has a passion for integrating user-centric research and practically tested products. She spent a semester studying abroad at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France, where she spent time learning the importance of form, material, and communication. She left with conversational French skills, new friends from all over the world, and a better understanding of the numerous ways that exist to solve a problem. All of her experiences have taught her the importance of designing considerate, meaningful interactions with branding and manufacturability in mind. She firmly believes that the best part of a job is the people, and that a good result is the product of effective collaboration.

Now in her final semester at DAAP, Terah is looking forward to the next step in her life. She hopes to grow her skills in design, strategy, research, and user interaction in a challenging and multi-disciplinary environment. When she's not designing, Terah enjoys curating her music video blog (MV Mondays), trying new recipes, and listening to every podcast she can find. She hopes to never stop learning, and would love the opportunity to continue feeding her endless curiosity.