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Thomas Diamond


Tommy Diamond has an innately compassionate desire to understand and provide intuitive, fun experiences for people.



Sporting Goods



There are two things that Tommy has grown up to be consistently passionate about: sports and consumer technology. Only in the past year has he realized that he grew up with a familiarity and a depth and breadth of knowledge of literacies within the sports and consumer tech fields. In his final year at DAAP he has finally found a way to utilize and combine the literacies of sports and consumer tech into a final senior thesis project.

Tommy has been interested in consumer tech since as early as he can remember. Tommy and his older sister, Sasha shared a CD player with CDs like Mandy Moore by Mandy Moore, NOW: That's What I Call Music by various popular artists, and other 90s music. His fascination for technology continued when his sister got her first cellphone, a bulky, Candy Bar phone made by Nokia. When he was eleven he received his first piece of Apple technology; a black 2GB iPod Nano. He became easily captivated by the click wheel and color display within this slim, lightweight form. This iPod was surprisingly easy and fun to use and he felt empowered when walking around New York City and listening to music. These profound, mind-blowing, paradigm shifting, habit changing experiences with technology have left a deep impression on him. Tommy's outlook on life became highly optimistic as he assumed that there were beautiful, wonderful technologies yet to be discovered and experienced as he got older.

Seven years later, when he began to go to school for industrial design, he had an iPhone and thought that he wanted to create physical consumer technology. Five years since then he has realized that he has a passion for digital interaction design, which is still consumer technology but more focused on software than hardware. He partook in a design competition in the spring of 2017 where he realized he had a knack for providing an intuitive digital interface and experience. It has taken until this semester to discover, during a conversation with my classmate, Alex, that he can utilize and combine his current passion and knowledge of basketball with his fascination and intuitive sense for interaction design within the medium of Augmented Reality. 

He is eager to see how Augmented Reality and other emerging technologies will be utilized. He would love to help usher in these new technologies to the public masses through imaginative playful conceptualization and intuitive visual communication.