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Tony Squeri


Tony Squeri is a chameleon in the design world. With the mind of a musician he just wants to make people happy through his work.



Consumer Electronics
Furniture & Home Goods


Tony is ridiculously passionate about making music: with friends, alone, with his computer, drums, a keyboard, or piano. And he dances like no one’s watching whether it’s at a house party or his favorite techno club, Smart Bar, in Chicago. As it turns out, this passion Tony has for music naturally extends into and fuels his love for design. Tony's initial love for creating things first started with music back in early high school, and this evolved into a love for creating all manner of things. As he grew and developed, so did his interest for solving more complicated and multifaceted design related problems. He saw the world of design as an intuitive next step for him to jump into as a creative minded person which led him to DAAP. Since he's been a student here at DAAP, Tony has found that he's constantly finding new sources of inspiration weather it's through his work, conversations with friends, or the experiences that he's had on my several co-ops throughout the years.

As someone who came initially from a love of music, Tony tends to think a little differently than a lot of other designers. And he loves being able to bring something unpredictably wonderful to the design process, whether he's on his own or with a team. As a designer, he has a strong handle on detail oriented design as well as blue sky ideating and branding. When something catches his eye, he tends to obsess over it until he's explored every facet of it and move on to the next thing. But more importantly than that, Tony loves to work on a team with great people that he enjoys being around, people that he can share a drink with. He thinks being a designer is most fulfilling when the people you’re designing with are also your friends.