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Travis Demaree


Travis Demaree is an outdoorsman and user-centered industrial designer with a passion for problem solving and sustainability, defined by versatility.



Consumer Electronics
Sporting Goods
Sustainable Design



Travis Demaree is an adventurous outdoorsman and user-centered industrial designer with a passion for problem solving, critical design thinking, and sustainable design. His versatility and detail-oriented nature arose from an adventurous and creative childhood in southern Indiana where he graduated high school with Academic Honors and excelled in many athletic events including Cross-Country, Track and Field, Wrestling, and Football. This drive for success and creative passion led him to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.

Travis knows great solutions come from great problems—and those are rarely found piloting a desk chair. He vigorously seeks out real people faced with real issues and develops a deep understanding and communication with them on a human level to uncover the truths they have to offer.

Travis has developed his professional knowledge and skills through his classroom experience at DAAP and through his work experience in the experimental learning Co-Op program. He has gained professional experience and worked on a wide variety of projects and proposals at companies including Grote Industries, Crosman Corp., Lifetime Brands Inc., and Nightkrawler Kustoms LLC. His passion and versatility as a designer have helped him excel in these roles and to develop an ongoing growth of responsibility. Most notably, his skills as an Industrial designer have recently helped Grote Industries to win many multi-million dollar programs with companies such as John Deere, PACCAR Inc., and Daimler AG. In addition to his professional work, Travis has excelled in his coursework at the University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP. He has qualified to be on the Dean’s list a multitude of times throughout his career as a student, and has had the opportunity of participating in a collaborative design studio with Boeing. One of his student projects was recently selected by university faculty to be submitted for a Federal Grant proposal from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention worth $1.65 million over a three-year span composed of functional prototyping and clinical trials.

After graduation in the spring of 2017, Travis plans to work for Grote Industries where he has been offered a position as Industrial Designer I. His exceptional work performance and his professional skills were demonstrated to the company over the course of two internships, which led them to desire him for a post-graduate full-time position. Travis will also be pursuing further education and certification in other field-related studies.