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Wyeth Augustine-Marceil


Wyeth Augustine-Marceil is a regular dude/designer who aims to be always thoughtful and thorough.



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Design in Mind

Born into a family of goofballs, Wyeth, from a young age, loved solving problems creatively. This fact, supplemented by career planning questionnaires, informed Wyeth he was to be a mechanical engineer. So it was settled. But, come senior year of high school, one pesky art teacher wouldn't submit to the fact that Wyeth was a natural-born engineer. Said art teacher assigned a one-page paper on art-related careers. Halfway through blowing off this assignment, Wyeth stumbled onto the industrial design Wikipedia page, and promptly fell out of his chair. Where was this on the questionnaires?? Wyeth frantically refocused his life to finding a school with industrial design that would accept him. But because rural Wisconsin was not exactly a design hot-bed, Wyeth had to look elsewhere. A (non-existent) portfolio review at Carnegie Mellon, and a botched application to Northwestern later, Wyeth found himself at the University of Cincinnati, DAAP.

In his five years at UC, Wyeth has moved 13 separate times, visited 35 states, crossed into 14 countries, completed five different co-ops, and had eleven designs come to market. Wyeth has industry experience in power tools, watches, trends, spatial design, electronics, packaging, naming, branding, medical design. Wyeth's desire for a wide variety of projects drove him to pursue design consultancies for co-ops. His final three co-ops were: Brigada, a spatial design consultancy in Croatia, Herbst Produkt, a product design consultancy in the Silicon Valley, and LUNAR, an international design consultancy. Wyeth aimed to collect the most-broad co-op experience possible, and from this, he gathered he will be happy doing any and all types of design for a career.

During his time in the design world, Wyeth heard many stories similar to his about nearly missing out on design as a career. Partially because of this, Wyeth started an organization called "Design in Mind". Design in Mind is a volunteer organization with the goal of encouraging creative thinking and spreading of design through Cincinnati. The core of Design in Mind is a partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools where UC students volunteer weekly in art classrooms, assisting students and teachers with class projects, while introducing design as a career option. 

Upon graduation, Wyeth and a group of friends will be flying to Santiago, Chile with the intention of buying a cheap van and seeing Patagonia, the Amazon, and everything in between. Provided survival of this trip, Wyeth hopes to begin work at a design consultancy in the fall.

Thanks for reading all this.    :^)