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Zach Lubinski


Zach Lubinski, when not designing the sporting goods of tomorrow, can be found ballin' on every field, court, or course out there.



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Believe it or not, there was a point that Zach (a total goofball who loves to draw, make people laugh whenever he has the chance, and play any and all sports with his friends), wanted to go into law school. Yeah, pretty ridiculous considering as a kid he loved making model planes out of whatever he could find around the house. He would configure the furniture in the house into any type of sporting arena you could think of, accidentally breaking many lamps, vases, and windows in the heat of competition. He played basketball, volleyball, and ran cross country, just like his role model brother did before him, and loved his art classes just as much as P.E., so knowing his roots, Zach figured that graphic design was probably a much better course of action than law school. Towards the very end of his graphic communication design tour at DAAP, he was shown the industrial design wing and saw how a quick sketch could become something real, something you could use daily, not just look at. From that moment forward he was hooked and knew that ID was the game plan all along.

In his time at Cincinnati, Zach has had the absolute privilege of not only continuing his artistic aspirations but also combining them with his passion for athletics. His rookie year was spent at WD Partners, refining skills while designing for the Gatorade Team. As a newly free agent, opportunities arose in Baltimore at Under Armour's one of a kind Summer League Internship program as well as in Los Angeles at Skechers Performance where he became a part of talented teams, working together throughout the design process to create some extraordinary things for athletes of all ages and skill level. For his last pre-season stint, with a culmination of skills, teamwork, and drive, Zach was able to find himself on the all-star team at Priority Designs. In between these incredible real world experiences, he worked on a chair to enhance the sports viewing experience at home, and a handheld vacuum for dog hair removal. He also worked with grassroots fishermen in Kentucky, waking up at 4am to haul 3000 lbs. of invasive carp, to conceptualize the future of Asian Carp fishing. All while juggling a lot of his DAAP work, he also became Intramural Supervisor for the CRC Rec Center and was selected to take over a very special position on the Cincinnati Cheer Team. For his capstone, "Hareway", Zach is working on a totally new club carrying solution for an upcoming version of golf called Speed Golf. He hopes to use the fitness potential golf has always had to attract a whole new demographic, and give avid golfers a new twist to spark a comeback for the struggling game of golf. There has always been a balance of athletics and design for Zach, and he dreams to take that dual passion into the professional world.

His goal as a designer is to make the sports world one that is more inviting, engaging, and rewarding for the athlete that is in all of us. From signature basketball shoe models to mops for Winter Olympic curling, Zach is all about designing the sports world of tomorrow. He does so by finding the fun in life and will always be looking for an opportunity to make those around him laugh with crafty puns, Donald Duck voices, and him being, well, him. Athletics will always be at heart, but he also sees the incredible value in design in all product areas. Zach believes design shapes the lives around us and he is ready to make life that much better.